“Design is the silent ambassadar of your brand” . Our team is adept at designing creative and appealing graphics for clients to get valuable recognition. Branding objectives are not merely a summation of business objectives. We understand branding necessarily as a strategic point of view that aims to give sustained competitive advantage. It is centered around delivering customer value proposition and developing a popular culture around a lot of storytelling.

Key Components of Brand


  • Your tagline
  • Tone of your written content

We put this first for a reason: a signature statement about your brand is as important as the look of it. A multitude of comparative split tests (A/B tests) have proven that messaging has a large effect on conversion rates.

Identity Design

  • Your logo
  • Brand colors
  • Brand fonts
  • Style of imagery

We love conceiving a new identity for a business. It requires a mix of intuition, inspiration, understanding of the client’s personality, and knowledge of what works. We design clean, timeless logos that work for all needs. Intuitive Design has also helped many clients upgrade existing logos to keep continuity, but breathe new life into the brand.

Customer Experience

We think customer experience is a fundamental part of your brand. Your business will crumble if your customers have bad experiences. And you’ll be sought out if you provide great experiences. Intuitive Design can start your customers off with a great experience online. Then it’s your turn to do a fantastic job with fulfillment. Top notch customer service makes for happy customers, and happy customers are your brand ambassadors. Even when a problem crops up, show off how you can make things right again, and you’ll turn an upset client into a fan with faith that your business will take good care of them.